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    Strengthen Your Voice
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    Overcome Fear, Grow in Courage, Confidence and Skill

    Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills are a must in order to live a fulfilled and successful life.

    Confident Communicating exists to help individuals and teams of differing ages, occupations and experience to become more confident, effective and accomplished communicators. This is done by providing excellent one on one coaching and group training in the areas of public speaking; skillful presenting and voice training, including accent softening.

    Based in Sydney, Australia, we are well placed to help our local, national and international clients.

  • 'I Want People to Listen to Me!'

    Do you want to overcome fear, more effectively use your voice, learn how to connect and communicate with an audience … and even enjoy it?

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  • 'Speaking with Confidence'

    This empowering course is designed to give you plenty of practice at presenting.  It will equip you to prepare and speak more confidently in public.

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  • Bespoke Communicating Courses

    Whatever your specific communication training needs we can work with you to deliver the results you require, either in a group setting and/or individually.

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