Public Speaking Training for children and high school students


Speaking with and in front of people has long been recognised as one of the foremost fears that people have to overcome in life.  Whether in an interview, work or social situation, our ability to confidently communicate is vital to being able to live a fulfilled life.  How much easier these skills are to learn at a young age.

Confident Communicating provides excellent teaching and training for Junior and Senior aged children in the areas of  Voice and Communication, Speech and Drama, Debating, Impromptu and Prepared Speaking …


LESSONS are available for Individuals, Shared (2 students)  and Small Groups (3-4 students)  and cover a wide range of communication skills training, including:

Exam Preparation – preparation for AMEB exams in Voice and Communication & Drama and Performance

Speech training relaxation, correct breathing for speech, posture, articulation and pronunciation, expressive speaking, speaking at a good pace, inflection, tone and stress.

Reading aloud of verse and prose – developing a love for language and literature and improving sight reading.

Public speaking and presentation skills – the opportunity to learn the basics skills of speaking publicly; practising and presenting talks and speeches; Imromptu and Prepared.

Drama – exploring the world of dramatists, plays and acting.

Mime – developing an awareness of our physicality and the importance of movement and body language.

Improvisation – developing imagination, expressive language skills and role play.

Storytelling – encouraging sequencing of events and imagination.

Memorisation – learning skills that will benefit for life.

General discussion skills – listening and sharing ideas and opinions.

Debating – exploring persuasive language.

Shakespeare workshops – approaching the work of the Bard in a fun and accessible way before students are told it is ‘hard’!

Interview practise – we love to help students to prepare for those important school interviews


“I really enjoy this speech class because I learn a lot from it, like talking clearly, how to speak about a topic for one minute without hesitating and also seeing how creative I can be. But, I also have lots of fun in class like trying out tongue twisters, miming and Chinese whispers. I recommend this class as it is an amazing opportunity.” Angela, 12yrs


“I discovered I have a voice and I learnt how to use it confidently and effectively without getting all muddled and embarrassed!” Lucy, 14yrs


“The Confident Communicating course was great fun, highly interactive and is suitable for people with different strengths and skill levels.  This course has really helped me with my public speaking assessments as I feel more confident and better prepared.  I am so glad I took the time to do it!”  Rosie, 15yrs


“It’s now, a few years on,  that I appreciate the value of doing the public speaking course with Sarah…..I learnt skills and the gift of speaking well that have helped give me the confidence to stand up in public and speak clearly.”   Niall, 16yrs


Communication Training can help to facilitate a child’s effective growth and development by encouraging…

-Greater confidence and self esteem

-Vital life skills

-Clearer speech and correct pronunciation

-Wider use of vocabulary and a greater command and enjoyment of the English language

-Presentation of ideas both verbally and in writing

-Concentration and listening skills



-Access to emotions and healthy control of them

-Physical freedom

-Communication and effective relating to others