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No company or organisation is exactly the same; different businesses and cultures require an individual perspective and approach. In the world of Communication, it is certainly NOT ‘one size fits all’!  Confident Communicating loves to work with and help managers to train their staff in  aspects of public speaking and interpersonal skills that are relevant to your unique workplace needs.  We are experts at developing the most effective strategy and training delivery for your managerial needs. This flexible and adaptable approach has seen many satisfied clients.

Group work followed by one to one follow up sessions is one highly popular approach; alternatively, large group followed by smaller groups; group work only or one to one training are also popular options for businesses.


“Well done, Sarah – a big tick from all of us. You uniquely met our very specific training needs. The exercises and role play were practical and very useful, my team and I look forward to putting them into practise.”  CK, Manager, Sydney Consulting firm


“Aside from being a consummate professional, Sarah’s method helped me personally to improve my poise and presence during presentations. I worked with her for a few months and her support also helped my confidence with thinking on my feet type of presentations and creation of materials for decks with clientele/employees throughout Asia Pacific.”   J.V, HR, Johnson & Johnson


“Sarah provided tips and techniques that were effective and easy to put into practice in both professional and personal settings. She took the time to know me to identify my specific weaknesses and tailored the curriculum to address my unique issues. Overall, I have definitely benefited from my sessions with Sarah and would not hesitate to recommend her.”   H.M, Manager, PwC


“We have been very busy since I met with Sarah, working on a really big project. This project was the real reason for my original contact with her and the staff presentation that I came to her for help with was for my part really internal training. Over the last 2 months we have been around the world presenting our business to investors, with the intention of running an IPO to fund future growth. During this time I have presented to more than 700 people and have done close to 100 presentations in groups of all different sizes. This process came to a very successful conclusion today. Sarah fit me in at very short notice and the training she provided was a massive help. I can say I am now very comfortable standing in front of a large crowd with a microphone!”   A.M, CFO, Sydney


The training not only improved my communication skills significantly, but also my confidence dramatically as well. It was great to go through this training which showed me the path to speak English clearly. I enjoyed the training. Sarah is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend her.

LW – Medical Specialist, Sydney (Chinese speaker)


“I am very happy to have learned public speaking skills from Sarah Meijer, she helped me to become the speaker I am today.  I had two main problems with doing all the presentations and public speaking that my job required of me: the first was that I had a very soft voice and secondly, English is not my first language therefore I needed to improve my enunciation to ensure clarity of speech. When I approached Sarah, she immediately identified that I needed to learn how to project my voice and work on my pronunciation. In addition I used to speak very fast and because of my accent it was difficult for people to understand me.  Sarah helped me to pronounce my words and soften my accent so that I could be understood and use different words with confidence.  I have slowed down in my speech and have become one of the best presenters in my field and glad to say I now help others to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.!”

L.M, Political Advisor, London (French speaker)


“Sarah helped me ‘find my voice’ and her weekly lessons were invaluable times for me.  A new confidence was developed as I learned and put into practice what she teaches in her courses.  Her skills and great personality brought such encouragement, so, whether you speak publicly and want to do it more confidently or just want to know how to communicate more effectively one on one, the benefits of her teachings are incredible.”  

JA, Personal Development Exec, London



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